Sandford Bush Festival 2021

Patron: Dobe Newton (OAM)

May 2020: The Sandford Bush Music Festival will go ahead… eventually. As you can appreciate, in the current climate exactly when that happens is the question. We can’t commit to dates until we can be confident of the safety and well-being of our volunteers, performers and patrons and also the government restrictions have been lifted. So at the moment we must “wait and see”. The festival takes a good six months or more to put together. That gives us until September to know if it can take place in March 2021. Failing that we then have the choice of holding it later in the year or deferring it until March 2022.

So, check back here or the Facebook page every so often to catch up on the latest news and projected dates.

— Gazza.

If you would like to be involved in this great event in any capacity:
Contact Gazza now 0402 434 827