Welcome Volunteers

We Need YOU!

Our Volunteers are our Festival Family. They are the heart and soul of the Festival ~ They have our respect and our gratitude.

Four or more hours of volunteer work is rewarded with a weekend pass. Another two will pay your camping fee. Shorter times will earn our heartfelt thanks and a cup of coffee!

Before submitting an application, volunteers are required to read and accept the following:

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and hard work. We acknowledge the importance of your contributions to the SBMF in providing an enjoyable yet safe and structured environment. . . we couldn’t do it without you.

Commitment, Ethics and Expectations

  • All volunteers will be honest and trustworthy.
  • Volunteers are required to work as a team to contribute to the festival ‘atmosphere’.
  • Care and respect is paramount in working with colleagues, artists and patrons.
  • Promote the festival in a positive way. Never say or do anything detrimental to the festival.
  • Complete the tasks assigned to you as directed by your Team Leader or other Festival staff.
  • Be punctual; arrive at your shift at or before your scheduled time.
  • Ensure your Team Leader is kept informed about changes in your circumstances.
  • You will be expected to do 3 – 6 hours of volunteer work all up.
  • You are responsible for your own accommodation over the festival weekend.

Safety & OHS

  • The influence or consumption of alcohol on duty is not allowed. Use of an illegal substance
    will forfeit access to the festival and entry pass.
  • You must let us know of any medical condition that could affect your performance of your duties.
  • We require you to provide us with a responsible emergency contact in your application.
  • Be acutely aware of your surroundings and strive to create and encourage a safe and enjoyable
    environment for all.
  • Wear your ‘VOLUNTEER’ vest and/or name-tag whilst on duty.
  • Keep your mobile phone on (silent!) in case you need to be contacted urgently.
  • Put safety first in all activities.
  • Work only according to your level of competency. Report to your Team Leader
    when confronted with a situation that is beyond your capabilities, role or responsibility.
  • Be on the lookout for any issues that may cause problems and report to your Team Leader.
  • Co-operate and work together as a team with other volunteers.
  • SBMF Volunteer’s Insurance will cover you only while you are assisting at the festival.


  • Have a reasonable understanding of the line of communication and accountability within the festival.
  • Seek advice whenever appropriate.
  • Keep your Team Leader informed on any changed circumstances.

Offer To Volunteer

Feel free to copy and paste your preferences in the box below.

Wednesday 5th March

Outdoor set-up (including marquees) / general labour.

Thursday 6th March

Morning / Afternoon
Outdoor set-up (including marquees) / general labour.
Transport (van, ute, trailer, truck).
Collecting Camping Fees

Friday 7th March

Morning / Afternoon
Outdoor set-up (including marquees) / general labour
Transport (van, ute, trailer, truck).
Indoor venues set-up and decoration.
Reception & Information Desk / checking wristbands at venue / directing traffic
Merchandise selling / general “gopher” / collecting camping fees

Saturday 8th March

Morning / Afternoon
Outdoor set-up / general labour
Transport (van, ute, trailer, truck).
Reception & Information Desk / Checking wristbands at venue / directing traffic
Merchandise selling / general “gopher” / collecting camping fees

Sunday 9th March

Morning / Afternoon / Evening
Reception & Information Desk / merchandise selling / general “gopher”
Cleaning, set-up, furniture moving / directing traffic
Clean-up, both indoor and outdoor.

Monday 10th March

Morning / Afternoon
Clean-up, both indoor and outdoor (including dismantle and pack-up marquees)
Transport (van, ute, trailer, truck).
General labour

Terms Of Agreement

Submission of your application form below will confirm your agreement to this Code of Conduct. A serious breach of this code could result in the volunteer being relieved of duties, loss of access to the festival and loss of entry pass.

  • I have read and agree to abide by the Sandford Bush Music Festival Volunteers Code of Conduct.
  • I agree to carry out my volunteer tasks at the times and places rostered
  • I will not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs within my rostered hours.
  • I agree to provide a responsible emergency contact with my application.
  • I agree to complete the tasks assigned to me as directed by my Team Leader and/or other Festival staff.
  • I will work with care and diligence to ensure that visitors are welcomed and treated with care and respect
  • I agree to contact my Team Leader as early as possible if circumstances prevent my commencing or requiring early termination of a shift.
  • I understand and agree that no financial payment will be made by the SBMF for my services as a volunteer.
  • I agree to wear my ‘VOLUNTEER’ vest and/or name tag whilst on duty.
  • I understand and agree failure to complete my shift without ample notice or satisfactory reason could result in
    forfeit of my entry pass and/or invoicing for the cost of the weekend pass.
  • I agree to organise my own accommodation to be able to attend the SBMF as a volunteer.
  • I am over 18 years of age.

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