Jammalong in Sandford

Born from efforts in Jammalong sessions in Melbourne, Jammalong in Sandford is a jamming experience being fostered by a passionate group who love playing music together in an unrehearsed, spontaneous and fun manner. Led by Jose Garcia, Steve Erroll and Edward Nass, this group will be looking after some scheduled jams throughout the weekend and a few unscheduled ones. Participate, learn, have fun and perhaps even lead a session yourself! Bring sheet music if you like but ideally play music with others without any books, notes or having to refer to tiny mobile phone screens searching for chords and lyrics. In the past, songs were handed down generation to generation through active interaction, listening and effective communication. Regardless of any technological advances, the act of singing, playing music and spending time with like-minded souls really hasn’t changed that much. Ideally bring a light portable chair (so you can jam anywhere), your acoustic instrument, a smile and a couple of songs to share!