Ticket Information and Conditions

We expect Earlybird Tickets to be on sale from 1st September 2021.

If You Have Purchased Online Tickets

On arrival at Sandford you need to go to the Festival Ticket Office which is in the marquee/gazebo at the main gate.

Festival Ticket Office Hours

Friday 11th March
2:30pm – 8:30pm
Saturday 12th March
9:00am – 8:30pm
Sunday 13th March
9:00am – 5:00pm

Valid Tickets

We must be able to verify your purchase at the Ticket Office at Sandford. You may be required to present suitable proof of identity, age or concession entitlement. An e-ticket is proof of purchase for the Festival and must be presented at the Festival Ticket Office to obtain your wristband. It is not transferable and only one ticket is valid per ticket purchased. Tickets cannot be on-sold by any means at a price greater than the purchase price of the ticket. Scalped tickets may be cancelled and the ticket holder may not be permitted entry.

Valid Entry

Festival organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who:

  • Cannot produce a valid ticket
  • Presents a ticket that has been purchased or obtained through an unauthorised source or by illegal means
  • Presents a ticket that has been duplicated
  • Ticket orders will be cancelled if credit card or PayPal funds are unavailable

Once issued, wristbands are not to be removed or tampered with and are not transferable.

Student and Concession Policy and Proof of Age

Concession is available to full time secondary or tertiary students (under 21 on the last day of the festival) with a Student ID card which is to be presented at check in. Adult concession is available to holders of pension, healthcare and seniors cards. Card to be presented at check in.

Lost, Stolen, Destroyed Ticket

If your e-ticket has been destroyed, lost or stolen BEFORE the festival starts, contact the Festival office on 0402 434 827. A new ticket can be issued and original will be cancelled but a small fee will apply.

No Refund Policy

The festival will be held in any weather conditions. The organizers reserve the right to change the lineup of performers or the program as required by circumstances and conditions at any time without notice. In the event that the festival has to be cancelled, tickets will be refunded on request within seven days of such request. The festival may make available a Ticket Exchange program and there may be a handling charge applied.

More About Weather Conditions

Early March is the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. While the weather at this time of year is usually most agreeable, high temperatures are not unknown and while it is usually dry, the rain has been known to ‘bucket down’. The festival will continue regardless of weather conditions. Remember that while there is some shelter and seating provided, this is still an outdoor festival and smart people will bring a picnic rug or chair and be prepared for warm, hot, dry, cool, cold, wet weather.

Festival Organisers will not refund or replace any tickets when

  • The ticket holder is unable or chooses not to attend the event
  • The ticket has been duplicated
  • The weekend wrist band pass is lost, damaged, forged or stolen from someone else
  • The ticket holder has been refused entry or evicted from the premises in any of the circumstances outlined in the Terms and Conditions
  • The event does not meet his or her expectations

Festival Entry Conditions

  • You may not bring into the Festival venue glass bottles, cans, alcohol, illegal drugs, and dangerous items. We reserve the right to confiscate prohibited items and refuse entry without refund.
  • Security officials and police have the right to search personal property of ticket holders for safety reasons. Refusal may result in entry being refused without refund.
  • Alcohol served at the festival may only be consumed in designated areas.
  • Under 18 year olds must be in company of a responsible adult companion in licensed areas.
  • Proof of age for children and youth may be requested by staff.
  • For the safety of patrons and equipment any dangerous, irresponsible, unruly, offensive, disturbing or inebriated behaviour is not allowed and offenders will forfeit their weekend pass and be ejected from the festival.
  • The event organiser has all rights to film, photo and video production of this event and patrons may be filmed incidentally during the event.
  • No audio or video recording of performances without written permission of artists and organisers.
  • No backstage access is permitted.
  • Footwear must be worn at all venues.

A Note Concerning Dogs

We all love dogs and naturally you love yours most of all. . . and that’s the way it should be. However, please keep yours on a lead at all times and away from the food service areas (including the vicinity of food vendors sites) and under-cover festival venues altogether. Makes life simpler for all. Thanks.

Ticket Prices

Please read the above Ticket Information and Conditions BEFORE you purchase your tickets. By purchasing tickets you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Ticket Type
Full Price
Earlybird 1 – Full Festival
1st September
Earlybird 2 – Full Festival
1st November
Earlybird 3 – Full Festival
1st January
Gate Price – Full Festival
11th March
Gate Price – Friday
11th March
Gate Price – Saturday
11th March
Gate Price – Sunday
11th March
Camp Site – Full Festival
1st September

Full time students aged between 16 and 21 qualify for concession tickets. Children under 16 will be admitted free if accompanied by an adult.

We expect Earlybird Tickets to be on sale from 1st September 2021.