Local Artists

Local & Visiting Guest Performers

Local and visiting professional and semi-professional bands, groups and solo artists who are donating their time and energy to perform at the festival. These artists add depth to the quality entertainment offered throughout the weekend and go a long way towards ensuring the success of the weekend. Check ’em out.

The Delahoys

Family group Glenn, Andrea and Morgaine Delahoy have a unique sound and style which never fails to delight. Their timing and harmonies, supported by Glenn’s guitar are a wonder to behold.

The Delahoys will be featuring on Saturday and Sunday.

Stumpy Gully

Stumpy Gully is a fun band that was formed to support community events and raise funds for local charities and community groups. The group plays a mix of bush, folk and bluegrass often interrupted by spontaneous outbursts of bush poetry or lively banter.

Stumpy Gully will be playing on Saturday and Sunday.

Sarah Remin

As a 3 year old Sarah went missing at a festival and eventually turned up in a costume on stage. Apparently she had gatecrashed a group preparing for their act and they didn’t have the heart to chase her away. She still loves to perform but these days she doesn’t have to gatecrash other people’s acts. Sarah sings and plays piano/keyboard at pubs, clubs, corporate events and parties.

You can catch her performing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Peter Nolte

Singer guitarist Peter Nolte is known locally as Casterton’s answer to Slim Dusty. Peter has been entertaining at pubs, clubs and festivals for longer than he cares to remember and his laid-back Aussie country music style is easy on the ear and soothing on the soul. Occasionally he has been known to don the funny hat and slip into one or two vintage Chad Morgan numbers. You can catch Peter onstage in the big tent on Saturday.