Bush Crafts

Bush Crafts and Vanishing Trades

~ Blacksmithing ~

We have two Blacksmiths all fired up and ready to go.

Ray Gard

Around 30 years ago Ray built himself a gas forge and started learning from retired blacksmiths and books.  Nowadays as well as creating pieces for sale,  Ray spends his time demonstrating at exhibitions, running classes at home at Tanjil South in Gippsland, and hosting a monthly gathering of blacksmithing enthusiasts, to celebrate the ancient art of blacksmithing. He has a firm commitment to preserving the craft by passing on the techniques of the trade. Ray is a member of the Australian Blacksmiths Association, the Artists Blacksmiths Association of NSW, the Artists Blacksmiths Association of North America and is a founding member of the Mont De Lancey Blacksmiths Group.

More about Ray Gard Here

Adrian Losionek

Blacksmith, Bass Player and Budding Bush Poet, Adrian can hardly wait for the Sandford Bush Festival. He started blacksmithing by completing a course only a few years ago but has quickly developed a feel for the ancient and honourable craft.

Adrian’s work varies from traditional to the avant-garde, with some unusual but pleasing results.

~ Whip Making ~

Graeme Brumley

The well known Caramut Whip Maker and Leather Worker will be plying his craft at the festival. Graeme has spent his working life shearing and farming, and much of this time working with horses in one way or another. In the early days leather work and other bush crafts were a necessity to keep harness and equipment in good condition, but over the years these bush skills have developed into a rewarding hobby. Graeme’s reputation for quality of workmanship is well known throughout the district.

~ Leatherworking ~

Carol Baudinette

A leatherworker from way back with quite a reputation in and around the Western District, Carol will be displaying some of her work and demonstrating her skills at the festival. We’ll post a photo and more details as they come to hand.

~ Wool Spinning ~

Watch This Space

We are currently in contact with a prominent Alpacca Wool Spinner. Watch this space.